Swamp Command was formed in 2010 by Tom and Martin as an experimental electronic project. The decission to make music together wasn´t that surprise, because some years ago we were part of an ambitious stonerrock band - Tom as the drummer, Martin at the guitar.

So we decided to make music, but there was no concrete idea what kind of genre it should be. Influenced by industrialrock, postcore, doom, electronic and synthy music we made our first steps with dubios results.

Especially finding the right name was a long journey. Swamp Command is a fantastic description of what our sound has to do with. It is dirty, creepy and dark like a swamp and its nasty and brutal like a killing command.

In late 2010 we started working on our first full-length album. The idea was, to create a morbid bipolarity - something that stands for machines, electronic and dirt of society and on the other side the life - something that fights against these elements. We finished in april 2011 - Novoember was born, an extrem rough and noisy bastard, without any disturbing drums. If people are scared by Novoember, we are happy.

After 6 month of silence Swamp Command stepped into its next adventure. In december 2011 the mutation-EP is coming out. It is totally different from Novoember and that was the goal.

We dont want to make constant music, we dont want to be part of a specific genre. All that we want is creating atmospheres and moods.

Hope you enjoy.